Designing For A Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom

We all treat our small bathroom in different ways: some of us like to spend hours pampering ourselves and relaxing, whilst others can’t wait to get in and out as quickly as possible. In either case, bigger is better. Those of us who love their bathrooms could always do with more space to lounge around in, and those who don’t love their bathrooms prefer not to be tripped up by every appliance.

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom

But we can’t always expect the luxury of a massive bathroom. Whether you’re designing for a main small bathroom, or a secondary bathroom you’ve found space for in a busy house, the challenge is not insignificant. After all, if you have to fit into a small bedroom, you simply get someone to make you a small bed. Bespoke bathtubs are on the expensive side if they can even be claimed to exist. So, if you are face with a small space in which to build a bathroom, try these handy hints:

Showers Instead of Baths

Of course, the first thing you won’t be doing in the smallest spaces is buying a bathtub anyway. Showers are obviously more space efficient, and in the same space as a small bathroom, you can fit a shower with a little arm flailing space. Sadly, you’re probably just going to have to try liking showers if you don’t already.

Small Bathroom

Corner showers and quadrant / pentagonal shower trays are the most efficient shapes (because from most shower heads, water is dispersed in a fan shape that won’t reach the corners anyway). With a little more space, consider getting a combination bath and shower. Modern L-shaped moulds are highly recommended, as they give you more space to shower whilst reclaiming space alongside the long-end of the bath.

Creating the Impression of Space

The toilet is one of the most important features of any small bathroom, but it’s also surely one of the bulkiest. Thankfully, if you shop around for the right unit, you can cut down the space a toilet takes up dramatically. Concealed cisterns help not only create actual space (they’re usually thin units designed to be hidden behind false walls and vanity units), but they also create the illusion of space. Wall-hung units create much the same effect. Wall hung toilets also look ultra modern!

Small Bathroom

Another fantastic way to create this illusion is a general interior design trick: using mirrors. Obviously, there’s no sense in filling your bathroom to the brim with reflective surfaces. But a large, wide or full length dress mirror really create the impression of an expansive space in a confined setting. Another interior design trick worth paying attention to: dark colors create enclosed spaces, so keep to simple light ones and use any and all natural light that you can. Don’t hesitate to share your thought about designing small bathroom in the comment box below



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