round dining tables

3 Creative Uses For Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables have been popular throughout the ages, as those seated have had equal social access. Seating politicians at a round conference table has been a smart diplomatic move (as recorded in the legend of the Knights of the Round Table), and round dining room tables have always implied the circle of friendship and togetherness. They either come with supporting legs built near the outer rim, or as a pedestal table with legs radiating from a center point. Some people prefer these, as no one particularly cares to sit “at the leg” when dining.

round dining tables

Photo by Cynthia Lynn

Large round dining tables soften the right-angle look to any dining room or restaurant, and easily allow for that squeezed in extra chair. One can see real symmetry when viewing a room with round tables, complete with equally spaced chairs and center-pieces or candles. Even large banquets make use of hundreds of round tables with extensions to accommodate everyone present.

If you plan on a back yard gazebo as next summer’s building project, a centered round glass table with comfortable chairs will be a wonderful addition. Now, many of the outdoor tables come with a propane “fire pit” built into the center so you can enjoy a safe campfire as well.

For the living room, if you wish to rearrange furniture to make a cozy conversation area around an entertainment center or fireplace, the round coffee table will be perfect. No banging of shins on corners, and will be delightful to decorate!

Try a small round glass pedestal table in a bedroom to hold a telephone, lamp, or clock – a pleasant change from the standard square or rectangular nightstand, and a set of two would perfectly balance that master bedroom.

There is also nothing as charming is that coffee shop containing the cozy round tables for two at the windows, or the old-fashioned high round “ice-cream tables” with decorative wrought iron round chairs to match. It is a treat to be seated at one of those pedestal tables with a friend and sipping a treat of choice. Many of these specialty treat shops furnish the windows with these fancy tables and chairs, placing the larger ones in the center of the room.

Some homes are fortunate enough to have a breakfast nook where a round kitchen table would be a perfect fit, and small round dining room tables work well in any apartment dining area, classroom, office area, or dining room. Round dining tables are a nice fit where and whenever people need to congregate, whether just for relaxation, or for coming together in problem solving.

Marble Dining Table

Make Your Dining Room Classy and Expensive using Marble Dining Table

Photo by Morgan Howarth

Photo by Morgan Howarth

You will never regret the purchase of a marble dining table for your home. Nothing makes a room look as expensive and classy as a rich marble top dining table that catches the light and shines with old world splendor. Prized since Roman times, marble is durable, sturdy and about as stain resistant as any material can be. Before you decide what kind of a table to buy, get to know as much as possible about marble and what makes it so unique.

Marble countertops and marble dining tables require maintenance. Watch marble being quarried and you will it see it sliced with a huge blade and then inspected for cracks. Poor quality marble with minute cracks will eventually develop seepage problems. This is enhanced if you neglect to clean spills as soon as they happen. It is possible to make a poor grade slab of marble even worse with improper maintenance. So when you shop for marble, do not be shy about spilling a bit of water on it. Look for seepage and inspect it carefully for tiny cracks. You do not want your expensive round kitchen table made of marble to become essentially useless.

There various types of marble table tops. Generally the more expensive they are, the better the grade. Sometimes the finishing is superior on a more expensive slab. Types of finishes included bevel, chamfer and round. Round is a curved edge on the rim of the piece. Chamfer and bevel are types of angled edges. When inspecting the finish, run your hand over the edge and look for rough patches. You do not want a table top with improper finishing.

If you thought you expensive wood dining room table required maintenance, a marble dining table requires even more care. Clean it regularly and apply sealant to keep it watertight. There are a wide variety of sealants available at your home finishing store or online. You could also seek out the services of a professional to apply a new coat of sealant. If you are reluctant to apply sealant, consider topping your table with glass. It is not a great solution as the glass hides the fine texture and beauty of the marble but you will save money and time in the long run.

There is a timeless beauty and undeniable richness to Marble furniture. With a variety of bases in stone, wood or metal, you have a great deal of choice in style and colors. Just make sure you maintain the luster of you new marble dining table and you and your family will enjoy its elegance for generations to come.