white daybed covers

Daybed Covers

With covers, changing the look of your daybed can be as seamless as changing it from a bed to sofa. From contemporary to rustic styles, daybed covers can suit anyone’s unique personality and interests. Whether you’re into casual or elegant, you can jazz up any room with a wide variety of daybed covers. Daybed Covers Styles and patterns From bold, solid colors to playful patterns, daybed covers come in an […]

custom daybed bedding

Daybed Bedding

In any room, the bed often serves as the main focal point, so your daybed should reflect your unique decorative style. An attractive daybed bedding set adds a touch of class to the decor of any room. From cozy comforter sets to fashionable covers, daybed bedding is available in a variety of options. You can also create a unique daybed bedding ensemble by adding pillows and shams. Daybed Bedding Linens […]

wood daybeds with storage

Wood Daybeds

Today’s daybeds come in a variety of materials, including a wide range of wood. Here’s an overview of different wood types and their traits. Wood Daybeds Beech daybeds A very hard, heavy wood, beech makes for highly durable furniture wood. As well as daybeds, beech is also used often for outdoor furniture. This wood needs to be treated to maintain its beauty. Cedar daybeds Western Red Cedar is a fine-grain, […]

loft beds for teens

Loft Beds

Loft beds are your logical choice for kid’s rooms, dorm rooms, spare bedrooms, even that unusual seasonal sunroom adaptation. Loft beds take the bunk bed concept in an interesting direction. A loft bed has the top bunk and the bottom bunk usually becomes either a desk or a futon. This type of loft bed is an innovative way to save space. And loft beds might surprise you when you discover […]

metal bed frames

Bed Frames

Bed frames are the unseen support network your mattress and box spring need to insure your comfort. The right bed frame makes bedding systems last longer and perform the way they oughta’. Bed frames, made from a wide range of materials and different sizes to fit all the different types of mattresses available, give you all the choices you could ever want. Bed Frames Nature’s Support Wooden bed frames work […]

loft bunk beds

Bunk Beds

Finding room for overnight guests, whether semi-permanent (kids) or occasional (relatives) can be a challenge. And since you can’t just add a new wing every time the need arises, a bunk bed is the perfect way to create enough room for everyone. From sleepover to live-in, bunk beds came in a wide range of styles and types that will surely make your night. Whether you have enough bathrooms or not […]

fire pits

Stylistic Features of Fire Pits

When searching for a fire pit, it is often prudent to consider the frame type. The frame of a fire pit can actually make a world of difference in style and functionality. The most basic fire pits are made with metal that is firmly welded together. After the frame shape has been established, it is painted for looks and protection. The open frame design is good for people who have […]

round dining tables

3 Creative Uses For Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables have been popular throughout the ages, as those seated have had equal social access. Seating politicians at a round conference table has been a smart diplomatic move (as recorded in the legend of the Knights of the Round Table), and round dining room tables have always implied the circle of friendship and togetherness. They either come with supporting legs built near the outer rim, or as a […]

Marble Dining Table

Make Your Dining Room Classy and Expensive using Marble Dining Table

You will never regret the purchase of a marble dining table for your home. Nothing makes a room look as expensive and classy as a rich marble top dining table that catches the light and shines with old world splendor. Prized since Roman times, marble is durable, sturdy and about as stain resistant as any material can be. Before you decide what kind of a table to buy, get to […]